What is Worship?

The Ladies Brunch is a new initiative that we are embarking on, to welcome women in the village to the church community and also to form a stronger bond within the church itself.  We plan to have a meeting once a quarter on a different theme.
The theme for the first brunch is “What is Praise and Worship” with award-winning Natalie Phillips.


About Natalie

Award-winning Natalie Phillips (2004 Gospel Entertainment Music and 2006 Oasis ‘Best Female’ award winner) is no stranger to high-grade music, and even higher-grade Gospel ministry.

She started out in what is arguably the best place to develop singing with conviction, truth and passion – church.

As a 5 year old in her local church Natalie continued expanding her vocal range and dexterity through her teens into her adulthood.

She has performed and ministered in various venues with a huge range of artists covering various musical styles, appearing on TV and live shows with some of the UK’s best including vocalist Nathan Prime, Hip-hop outfit GreenJade, rapper Jahaziel, The Jabez Family and Raymond & Co.

The list also includes praise and worship leaders Mark Beswick and Tim Hughes whom she has collaborated and recorded ‘How Long’, a song for Tearfund written by Al Gordon.

Natalie was also a long-term lead and backing vocalist for one of the country’s hardest-working choirs, IDMC between 1993 and 2002.

Natalie has been on the UK gospel music scene for a while, releasing her solo 4-track debut EP ‘All Da Praiz’ back in September 2003, built on solid elements of Jazz, Soul and classic Rhythm and Blues arrangements, produced by veteran producer Kenz (Adrian Mckenzie) of Biggerstaff Studios.

She also recorded a live dvd album as part of the Brian Martin & Worship 4 Life enssemble, where she was the lead vocalist on the title track, “Deliverance in Praise”.

Natalie loves all kinds of music from Jazz to R’n’B to Praise & Worship – her interest has allowed her to create a unique blend and a kind of sound that borrows intensely from the essential familiar roots of Black music but with a classic vibe that is both familiar and intriguing at the same time.

And although Natalie shares a wealth of experience singing in many different arenas of all shapes and sizes, Praise and Worship always remains at the core of what she does!!

Natalie has travelled to several countries where her sounds have been widely appreciated, and has recently released her long awaited debut album, “Unique Perspectives” which is now available on itunes, Spotify and Amazon as a mp3 download.