Church Chronology

1895-1900Tent missions arranged by Miss Watney and The Evangelization Society.
Miss Watney had Mission Cottages built (82/84 High Street)
1900Mission Hall, Manor Rd opened (Corrugated steel church building)
1900-1913First Ministers: Mr Bellchambers, Mr Price, Mr London and Mr Bray
1913-1919Pastorate of Rev R. Wright-Hay helped by Mr John Wood of TES
1919-1923Pastorate of Rev A. Brambleby
1923Death of Miss Watney. Trusteeship handed over to ‘The Evangelization Society’
1923(?)-1930Pastorate of Mr C. Swallow
1931-1936Pastorate of Mr W. H. Wheeler (first to live on site)
1936(?)-1945(?)Pastorate of Mr E. Blyth. First recorded marriage:  (Arthur Chapman and Dora Ellsey) 18th September 1943
1948(?)-1957Pastorate of Mr Plowman.  Mr Plowman was later killed in a road accident shorlty after finishing his ministry.
1957-1965Pastorate of Mr Ball.
1958Church became known as Horsell Evangelical Church. Basis of membership agreed. Membership 22.
1959Church accepted full financial responsibility for its affairs. Membership 28.
1965-1973Pastorate of Ray Murden.
1965/1966Trusteeship transferred to the FIEC.
1971Church constitution adopted
1973Revd Murden moved to Tenby, Manor Road
1977-1980Pastorate of Revd Sanders
197886/88 High Street and ‘triangle’ purchased
1982New Church Hall completed
1982-200?Pastorate of Revd Ian Childs
198382/84 and 86/88 High Street sold to a developer and demolished
1984New Church building completed and opened in September. Membership 64
1988, 1993Attempt to sell Tenby but no sale realised
2000Church Centenary June 24/25. Membership 34.
2001Final phase of rebuilding completed
2005-2012Pastorate of Revd Jim Winter
2013-to datePastorate of Revd Andrew Bents