Sunday Special and Bible Class

Sunday Special is for children 3 years and over, we have a creche for the babies and toddlers.  All the children stay in the church service from the beginning until around 11.20 when they leave for their own worship time.  They all meet together in the hall for about 10 to 15 minutes and then go to their different groups.  We have Sparrows for the youngest children, Doves and Swallows and lastly Eagles Bible Class which is for secondary school-aged young people.

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In SS and BC we have a Winnie the Pooh money box which the children bring money for and this goes to support an orphanage in Burma.  We save the money and then buy presents to send/take out at Christmas.


The teaching material we use is Go Teach. The children are given an NIV Bible when they have been coming regularly and are able to read.

Obviously the younger the child, the more doing and less listening, and in the older groups, it is more listening and discussion and less activity.

During the year we have an outing for the children usually in the spring (often this takes the form of bowling).  We have a Family Fun Day in July, Holiday Bible Club in August, a Light Party on or around 31 October and Christmas parties/outing.   Donutting is a favourite for the Christmas outing.


We have a child protection policy in place and all of the teachers are CRB checked.