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Has Christianity plagiarised from Mithraism?

by Pastor Andy

You may have seen some pretty sensational claims on the internet regarding Christianity apparently stealing from Mithraism. Claims such as, Christianity borrowed heavily from Mithraism which existed over 200 years earlier. Claims such as, Mithra died for the sins of humanity and had 12 apostles. That most of the tenets of Christianity were copied from Mithraism. […]

The Incarnation

by Pastor Andy

The Incarnation is perhaps one of those words that mean nothing to most people outside of Christian circles. And yet, it is one of those sublime words that ‘attempt’ to describe something that is simply, too stunning and wondrous to put into words, let alone one word. To put it as simply as I can […]

Tolu’s Baptism

by Pastor Andy

On 24th November 2013, Horsell Evangelical held a Baptismal Service for Tolu Awojobi. The service was attended by family, friends and the Horsell church family. It was good to see so many young people who came to support Tolu and it proved to be a very special occasion. Tolu’s mum Oye sang a heart-felt solo, […]

Time to Serve

by Pastor Andy

It has been quite a whirlwind of a start to my pastorate at Horsell. It doesn’t feel like I’ve had much time to catch my breath just yet, with all of the busyness and activity that is part of the modern pastoral ministry. The work load even in the first 3 months, has been even […]

Getting into a routine

by Pastor Andy

While I am still just about finding my feet in the new role of Pastor, I am getting to grips with my schedule and for what is achievable in a given week. I am starting to find out useful information that will help in a crisis such as, the location of those shortbread biscuits in […]

“Stevie” our Regular Visitor

by Pastor Andy

Just days into my new job in the Pastorate at the church it has become evident that there is one regular visitor that I haven’t formerly introduced myself too as yet. I happened to notice the visitor while working at the church and after seeing him two or three times in the same week – […]